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  1. Front: "der Eiskunstlauf" Back: "the figure skating"
  2. Front: "die Weltmeisterschaft" Back: "the world championship"
  3. Front: "der Sprung" Back: "the jump"
  4. Front: "die Ausfuehrung" Back: "the performance"
  5. Front: "das Einzellaufen" Back: "singles"
  6. Front: "das Paarfaufen" Back: "pairs"
  7. Front: "das Eistanzen" Back: "ice dance"
  8. Front: "der Schritt" Back: "the step"
  9. Front: "die Regel" Back: "the rule"
  10. Front: "der Wettkampf" Back: "the competition"
  11. Front: "die Weltmeisterschaften" Back: "the world championships"
  12. Front: "die Spruenge" Back: "the jumps"
  13. Front: "die Ausfuehrungen" Back: "the performances"
  14. Front: "die Schritte" Back: "the steps"
  15. Front: "die Regeln" Back: "the rules"
  16. Front: "die Wettkaempfe" Back: "the competitions"